Fed Up – Monday 27th May 2019

Fed up

I’m already fed up with resting my leg. Sitting around with my paw up is just not my thing. I do hope that tomorrow I find out it’s something minor as I just want to start running and jumping without it hurting. For the record, I’m actually still doing some of the running and jumping and then realising it was a mistake. Mum is trying her hardest to get me to be sensible, but I’m not nicknamed ‘Wild Wilma’ without good reason. Although I’m not wild in the sense of not being fully appreciative of my home comforts. That would be taking it all a step or two too far.  I just wish our new chair had arrived as we could really do with using it right now.


Yesterday was not a garden day as things turned out. Not unless we hadn’t minded sitting out in really strong winds and heavy showers and, to be fair, neither Mum nor I fancied that idea. She stupidly went shopping at one point. I say ‘stupidly’ because she actually hates shopping. She told me she might be a while, but I just smiled to myself. She wasn’t long at all. She got to the shops went into the shopping centre, remembered how much she hates it, wondered what she was doing there and came home. At least that saves actually spending any money.


We’re both really really fed up with dieting. It’s been one of those weekends where we’ve both craved some extra food. Consoling each other that it’s for our own good is all very well, but eating food is more fun. At one point we had quite a long conversation about steak – both of us would have liked one. Neither of us gave in though, so we’re ready to fight another week.



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