Busy Day – Tuesday 28th May 2019

Busy Day

Well it’s a busy day for the dogs of the house today. Firstly we are being picked up to go home – at last! Oh I’m sorry to complain, but it really isn’t fair that Wilma gets to be at home and I don’t. Yes, I know I don’t really travel, so I understand the logic of why I can’t be going up and down the motorway with our Mistress, but that’s not the point. Jealousy rarely takes into account logic.

We’re always pretty tired when we go home from kennels. Partly, it’s because we spend a bit of time running around, but for me it’s also about stress. I’m quite happy on those days to do nothing, but today I can’t because it’s swimming day. Shadow and I will have to pack our little swimming bags and go to the pool mid-morning. I guess it might perk me up, but I think I shall be very soundly asleep this afternoon.

Wilma’s appointment

Wilma in the middle of all that has to go to the vet for her x-ray. She isn’t happy at all. It’s not that she minds the vet and she isn’t unduly worried about what she needs to have done. It’s because she has not been allowed to eat since 9pm last night. She is one very unhappy dog. She can make a lot of noise when she hasn’t been fed. She can also break out of her crate all too easily. Our Mistress will have to resort to putting her in the car crate once we all get home as that one is the most secure.

Quiet Afternoon

After all that we’re looking forward to a quiet afternoon waiting for Wilma to come home. Our Mistress will be anxiously waiting for Wilma’s results too and hopefully it will be good news rather than bad.

Have a quiet Tuesday



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