I’m back – Thursday 30th May 2019

I’m back

Well here I am, I’m back. You can’t keep a good dog down and all that. At least today I stayed in bed a little longer. Mum wasn’t thrilled yesterday when at 5am I said that as a result of the sedative I’d had I really really needed to go to the toilet urgently. She got up and took me outside without too much complaint. Well, let’s be clear about it, the alternative of clearing up after me really didn’t appeal to her. Anyway, once I’d had a good clear out I felt a whole load better and with the exception of a slight limp, as much for attention as the fact of it hurting, you wouldn’t know there had been anything wrong. I’m almost disappointed that the hole in my paw pad is so small as I can’t use that to get extra sympathy.

Alfie is a little better

Alfie is not as confused but he has barked pretty much the whole of the time since he came home. I tried asking him what he was barking about and he paused long enough to say he hadn’t the faintest idea and then carried on. Mind you, if I’m being honest I might have got a little bit told off for barking in the garden. Apparently, it’s not ok to bark at the neighbours as they have every right to be in their gardens. I said I was only saying hello, but Mum said I could do that more quietly and sound a little more friendly if that’s the case.

Best friends

The audio book that Mum is listening to at the moment has caused her to shout at it! That’s nothing unusual but on this occasion I can’t help but agree. One of the characters is criticising another for saying that the person they confide in and trust with their life is their dog. Clearly Mum is very cross with the character who doesn’t understand that. As she said to me, I’m the one she talks to, so why is it hard to believe? I don’t think she’s going to be reading any more books written by the author of this one. That’s not the only thing she doesn’t like about it, but it’s pretty important.

Have a great Thursday



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