Friday Flashback – Friday 31st May 2019

Friday Flashback

I do love Friday Flashback. Alfie was having another bad day yesterday so it was lovely going back five years to read of his better days. He was clearly feeling all a bit emotional in 2014!

Don’t underestimate dogs

Humans so often underestimate us dogs. Yesterday I saw someone who I have not seen for a while but who was very important to me in my early puppy years. For a while I totally reverted to puppyhood and was rather enthusiastic in my greeting. I made such a nuisance of myself that I did have to be put in the other room, but the point is, of course I’m not going to forget someone who used to take me out and play with me when I was small. Even humans have a soft spot for people who were special to them and why should dogs be any different? We’re all much the same underneath. We have our likes and dislikes, our insecurities and our fears. We all like some love and affection, and we all like to be talked to with a gentle voice.

I was feeling a bit down when I went to bed the other night, there had been an unfortunate incident with Shadow’s chew. I had come out of my den behind the desk not knowing it was there and she thought I was a threat to her chew and flew at me. Anyway, I was a bit upset and when I went to bed my Mistress sang me a lullaby and it did make me feel a lot better. Our hearts are just as tender as any other animal.

Then I read what Aristotle wrote the following year when Shadow and Mum first went and took part in a dog show. I asked how they got on and well it sounds as though Aristotle was right to have been concerned!

Shadow at her first show

Shadow’s first dog show

Today’s the day. Mum (Shadow) is taking part in her first ever dog show. She is being taken into the ring by our Mistress who knows less about dog showing than could be written on the back of a postage stamp. Add to that the fact that Shadow is still limping from her leg injury and has lost her top coat ready for coming into season and you will get a good impression of their chances of winning their class. On the plus side as our Mistress is not taking it too seriously, hopefully Shadow can enjoy herself and when she smiles she really does have a very pretty face. Our Mistress did say to our Master yesterday that she wondered why she was doing it and he replied that he’s been thinking much the same thing, but didn’t like to ask. Every so often she gets these crazy ideas into her head and before you know it… well anything can happen.

That’s all from me. My paw seems fine now so I’m hoping for a slightly longer walk today.



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