Reorganising my leads – Saturday 1st June 2019

Reorganising my leads

I’m going to spend most of today reorganising my leads. No, just kidding. What dog would ever spend hours just moving their leads from one cupboard to another? We’d rather just put the first one on that we come to and go out for a walk. So what is it with humans and needing to move clothes round in the wardrobe? Fair enough, I don’t have summer leads and winter leads, but all the same don’t humans ever stop to think that all the time they waste on pointless tasks could be going into enjoying themselves outside with us. Now I know our Mistress won’t be wearing her Christmas jumpers for a while. Even she hasn’t started putting them on before November and I can see the logic of them being on the top shelf, but why not just put them there in the first place?

Maybe the reality is she has too many clothes and should just wear the same thing all the time. I said that last point to Alfie and he pointed out that she does in fact wear the same things all the time, which means most of the ones she has moved round don’t even get worn. I will never understand humans.


We are all trotting off to kennels just overnight so that our Mistress can go to see Grandpa. I don’t know which of them was more upset, our Mistress to be separated from Wilma or Wilma to be apart from our Mistress. It’s a good job the rest of us aren’t jealous types as it could all make us feel a bit less loved seeing what the pair of them are like. I get lots of cuddles too so I can’t really complain but the two of them really are inseparable. I guess it was like that with Alfie until he started with his dementia.

Have a great Saturday and be more like a dog – live in the moment and forget reorganising cupboards.