Paws Up – Sunday 9th June 2019

Paws Up

Today is a paws up sort of day. Our Mistress says today she will mostly be enjoying her new chair. I doubt that personally. I’ve never really known her sit still for very long. I think that’s why she gets on so well with Wilma. We are all starting to get excited about our Master coming home in a week’s time as he’s much better at sitting still. Most of the time we can be certain we’ll find him exactly where we left him. That’s helpful from a dog’s point of view.


Our Mistress is busy helping to organise a big village event in a couple of weeks. She has put signs by the roadside so that people can see it’s happening. Now it seems the local wildlife has got in on the act and is happy to use the signs as perches. I do wonder if they are thinking of coming to the hog roast and whether it is thinking of buying a ticket or just dropping in to help itself. In fairness we’ve all asked for tickets but our Mistress has flatly refused to take us all. I really don’t understand why she thinks we are a risk. She seems under the impression we might help ourselves.


Our Mistress has been telling us about a new relative we have called Tyson. I’ve been trying to work out exactly what relative he is, but you know how it is. Tyson has been adopted by our Mistress’s nephew. Now I reckon her nephew must be my first cousin, so according to our Mistress that makes Tyson our first cousin once removed. He’s quite big and has a brindle coat. Our Mistress says it’s really soft and he’s very placid. I have no idea what he’d make of us. He’s nearly nine years old so I’m guessing he’s not going to want to run around madly. Wilma of course wants to meet him. If he’s got any sense he’ll make his excuses.

Well I’m off to put my paws up. Have a lovely Sunday.


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