Another Month – Thursday 13th June 2019

Another Month

Well I’ve survived another month. I’m now 13 years and seven months old. I’m definitely nearer to fourteen than thirteen now which is exciting but rather scary. I had a bad day yesterday. There was a bit of a pee and poo incident in the kitchen. When I say ‘a bit’ I really mean ‘a lot’. It seems to be when I’ve been deeply asleep and wake up suddenly needing the toilet, I just don’t get a lot of warning anymore. It makes it much harder to know when to go out. If our Mistress isn’t around at those times it just all goes wrong. She never gets cross about it, but I really feel bad afterwards. I’ve always prided myself on being such a clean dog. Even as a puppy… except for the door mat. I used to have a bit of a thing about the door mat. Maybe the rug too – they seemed too much like grass.

Dodging the rain

Our Mistress counted yesterday as a major success. It’s the first day in a while that she has managed to walk everyone and not get the timing wrong. She didn’t get wet on any of her walks yesterday and had only been back from Wilma’s walk for five minutes when the rain started. She has to go out for some of today so she may not be able to get her timings quite so right. It’s a good game. I just can’t believe the weather is so cold and wet. I think we’d all benefit from a bit of sunshine on our fur.


When our shopping arrived yesterday there were an awful lot of eggs in it. It’s not as though our Mistress is planning to do any cooking. They are all for the village fete and the egg throwing contest. The things humans devise to entertain themselves never cease to amaze me. Why not just chase a ball? We can do that for hours. Thinking about it, I suppose humans do a fair amount of that too.

Have a great Thursday



  1. Hello, I am very pleased to say my Mum was able to buy a copy of the magazine that you are in when she went to the shops yesterday. Later when she has done all the walks and her work she has promised to read it too me. I have had a sneaky look at the pictures already. I must say we are a smart looking breed !!!! It looks as if is going to be a bit wet here today, as long as I get my walks I am a happy boy. Love to you all, Dickens and the gang XXXXXX

    • Have a lovely time when your mum reads to you. I do like it when our Mistress reads to me. And you’re right, we aren’t bad looking at all.

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