Wet, Muddy and Happy – Monday 17th June 2019

Wet, Muddy and Happy

I spent much of yesterday morning wet, muddy and happy. Oh we did have fun. Mum wouldn’t let me off the lead to begin with as there were lots of people around on mountain bikes and running. Once we were away from the main area at Cannock Chase she did and oh did I have fun? I raced and chased with the others. Shadow wasn’t allowed to run because of her bad hip and the walk we were doing was going to be a little bit hard for anyway. I chased Pip and got him to chase me. I think I scared him a bit to begin with but he soon got used to me. Ruby ran into me and knocked me over which upset me a bit and I went running to Mum. She told me not to be so silly.


I went in every puddle I could find and then in the lake. Mum said it would take ages for my harness and lead to dry. Then it rained so heavily that I’d have got really wet anyway so I just laughed and splashed some more. I shook myself over her for good measure too and got her quite muddy. Then I ran up to a fisherman to see if he’d caught anything. Mum told me I’m not supposed to do that, but he didn’t actually complain, well not to me anyway.

Father’s Day

Then we went to see Grandpa for Father’s Day. Well, to be fair, Shadow and I sat in the car while Mum and Dad went to see him. We were happy not to have to help build the shelf unit and other things they were helping with.

By the time we got home we were all shattered. Shadow and I just flaked out on the floor and left Mum and Dad to get on with things. What’s even better we liked where we stayed so much that they’ve promised to take us there again and go for an even longer forest walk.

Have a lovely Monday


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