A stoic little dog – Wednesday 19th June 2019

A Stoic Little Dog

Shadow is a stoic little dog. She has not complained about having to have injections either on Tuesday or yesterday. The good news is that we think the inflammation may be starting to go down and she is at least eating a little more now. It will be a few days before we can be sure she’s on the mend, but we are really hoping she is. She will have special food until she’s absolutely ok. The bit she’s really fed up with is having to sleep downstairs until there’s no risk of her having upset stomachs. The bit I’m most upset by is the smell when she farts! Mind you, our Mistress keeps leaving the fan on in the kitchen to get rid of the smell as best as possible. Shadow was very indignant earlier when I commented on how she smelt!

Yesterday’s swimming

I quite enjoyed yesterday’s swimming. Ari didn’t want to go. He did everything he could to make a run for it, but our Mistress knows to expect that so he didn’t get far. He’s really funny, because when he actually gets into the water he takes the actual swimming more seriously than the rest of us do. To him, it’s a job. He’s a working dog and from when he gets into the water to when he gets out he knows he simply has to swim up and down the pool. I am a bit more relaxed about it. Only Shadow really sees it as a game when she goes.

Weigh in

Ari and I both got on the scales at the swimming pool, separately you understand. Both of us were pleased to find we’d lost a little weight. I was just under 30kg and Ari was down to 26.7kg. He says he hasn’t been that weight for years. This whole diet thing seems to be catching.


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