Our Wish is her Command – Sunday 23rd June 2019

Our Wish is Her Command

Well it turns out that our wish is her command. We will get to have hog roast after all. As it happens, our Mistress sold so many tickets for the hog roast that she had to go to buy another piece of pork which she cooked at home to add to it. Ok so the whole house has ended up smelling rather wonderfully of roast pork but at least it means she could save some for us. Quite a lot as it turns out. Well, either she has to eat it or we do! We can’t eat it until we get home though. Apparently she was too busy to look after us, so it was better for us to come to kennels. Ok, so we get to see our friends and have a good play, but doesn’t she realise we miss her? Wilma finds it especially hard to be apart from our Mistress. Mind you, in fairness to Wilma our Mistress seems to find that one hard too.

All change

The oddest bit is that when we go home from kennels, our master will have gone back to Switzerland, so it’s all change again. He’ll be home again in only a couple of weeks, so I guess we’ll barely notice he’s gone. It really is odd for me though, never really knowing who will be at home. At least the dogs of the house don’t change a great deal. We all stay fairly static. Not exactly static, Wilma doesn’t know the meaning of the word! But our numbers don’t change so much, which is comforting in itself.

Shadow better

Shadow seems to be fully fit again. She’s certainly moaning more, which is a good sign. She says her arthritis is playing up, but that doesn’t compare to having pancreatitis. It is good to have her back to her old annoying self!

Have a great Sunday


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