Monday Morning Blues – Monday 24th June 2019

Monday Morning Blues

I’ve got Monday morning blues. I always feel like that when Dad goes back to Switzerland. I miss him loads. It’s so funny, he lets me get away with just about anything, even being prepared to leave enough room in the bed for me to stay there all night. One thing that is part of us being herding dogs is that we like our herd to stay together. Ok, so we don’t have any cows to keep together, but in their absence, we do rather like to keep our humans together. That can be funny on a walk as we basically decide everyone is part of our herd and try to keep them in one area. The other week, I did by mistake try adding in one or two humans who hadn’t actually started with our group, but they seemed to see the funny side. Thankfully, I didn’t go as far as any ankle nipping or body slams when they tried to go their own way. They might have been less amused if I had.

Counting down to holiday

I’m actually starting the count down to holiday and then going to Switzerland, at least for a day or two. Holiday is a week in the Black Forest in Germany. It’s just me and the humans. I’ll have fun herding as there will be six humans and only one of me. It seems like ages since I’ve been away so I’m getting excited even though it is still about four weeks away. Don’t get me wrong, I do have some fun things planned in my diary before that, but having all that time with Mum and Dad will be wonderful.


Have I told you that I’m going to get chance to learn to play Treibball before the holiday? That’s all happening a week next Saturday. If you don’t know, Treibball is a sport which is like herding but where we work with great big balls and have to try to get them into a net. None of us has ever done it before and I think we’re all excited. All being my Entlebucher friends as it’s out next fun day. Shadow is going to have a go too, as long as her hip is feeling a bit better. I will of course get Mum to take some photos to show you.



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