Early Start – Tuesday 2nd July 2019

Early start

Today is an early start. By most people’s standards perhaps that’s not the case, but I am not now nor ever have been a morning type of dog. Yes, I know I make our Mistress get up at 5.20, but in my defence it’s only my stomach that wakes up that earlier… and maybe my bladder. The rest of me likes to sleep rather longer and I generally go back to bed. Today, my swimming lesson has been brought forward. Now, if you knew me as a puppy, you would be aware that I always refused a morning walk. I could never see why anyone would leave the house for longer than absolutely necessary before lunchtime. I have compromised as I’ve got older and normally start getting ready to leave the house for swimming at 10.15am. Today, I have to get ready a whole hour earlier! It’s positively obscene.

Taking my time

Our Mistress has pointed out that until recently I didn’t need an extra quarter of an hour to get ready and get myself in the car. If that were still the case we could leave at 9.30am today. What does she expect? I’m old. It takes me a while to remember where I left my lead. It takes even longer to get my body to build up enough speed to get up the ramp into the car.

I do find I’m resembling Bambi more and more these days. I got to the bottom of the six steps to the back door yesterday and my legs just splayed out in all directions with me lying on the floor. I didn’t hurt myself. I just sort of slithered down. It took me a minute or two to gather my legs back together and stand up, but that could happen to anyone.

Have a good Tuesday


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