Treibball – Saturday 6th July 2019


Today is Treibball day. I have never seen Wilma and our Mistress both so excited. Shadow is excited too but she has little idea why. I probably wish I could go, but once again I have to stay at home and look after Alfie. I think there are about a dozen of them setting out to try to play the sport. None of them have ever had a go before so it should be chaoitic to put it mildly. Wilma has been checking from time to time that our Mistress is quite clear which is her left and her right. Shadow has asked if someone could mark it on her paws to make it easier. She will be working with our Master so what could possibly go wrong?

Family time

It really is nice having our Master at home as well as our Mistress. Having the pack together just feels so much more like home than when there are any missing. We’ve all been going for lots of cuddles and giving out endless licks. Just for the record, it’s us giving out the licks, not our Master. He seems to be busy trying to print something out on some odd shaped paper and getting more and more annoyed with things not going to plan. It’s just like old times.

Sleeping Downstairs

Alfie is doing really well with sleeping downstairs. He says he doesn’t really mind too much. The biggest problem is that when we get our Mistress up to feed s at about 5.30 we are all getting just a little excited. Excited equals barking. She is getting very concerned that we are going to disturb the whole neighbourhood, never mind the rest of the house. She is having to use advanced tactics to keep us quiet, which generally involves trails of food to hunt for to make us forget to bark. I guess it’s a win:win. She gets the quiet she’d hoped for and we get more food.

Have a great Saturday


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