What a Day – Sunday 7th July 2019

What a Day

What a day we all had yesterday. Oh it was such tremendous fun and I didn’t even go to the Fun Day. Shadow and Wilma spent the day with about another ten Entlebuchers learning the basics of Treibball. They learnt some new commands and already knew a few of the ones so did have a bit of a head start. I think all the dogs there had fun though. By the end of the training they had learnt to push a ball with their nose, which was a massive step forward for them. Both of them said they got to eat loads of treats while they were learning, so that was a bonus and they were worn out too from working so hard. The good thing is that they have persuaded our Mistress that they really need to be able to carry on learning at home and so have got her to buy some balls suitable to learn with. I am really happy as that means I can start to learn to and from what they’ve said I might be quite good at it.

Alfie had fun

When it was all over, some of our friends came back here. Alfie had a little time in the garden with Salvo and Izzy and he really enjoyed himself for a short while. It wasn’t that long before he got stressed, but he had a nice time for a short time.

My turn

Then it was my turn. Oh I had such a lovely time playing with them. They are both lovely and I found them such good company. We ran round but not too madly. We just sort of chilled out together after that. I loved having them here. They played at my sort of pace and weren’t nearly as crazy as Wilma. Mind you, after all her activities she was worn out and quite ready for a sleep as was Shadow.

Me with Izzy and Salvo

I wish we could do things like this every day.

Have a great Sunday


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