Who comes first? – Tuesday 9th July 2019

Who comes first?

Who comes first in this house? That’s what I want to know. I’m very upset. I thought I was the most important thing in our Mistress’s life. It’s my swimming day. I’ve got my towel ready in my paw and I’m ready to be told it’s time to go. What do I get instead? ‘I’m sorry, Alfie, didn’t I tell you that you’re not going swimming today?’ Ok, to be fair she might have told me and I would be none the wiser as I don’t remember things very well. Whether she told me or not, why is she prioritising something else over my swimming? There is nothing like a dog having to accept that he doesn’t come first.

Blowing up a ball

On a funnier note, I did rather enjoy the saga of our Mistress blowing up Wilma’s exercise ball yesterday. It arrived with a foot pump, so she duly started to pump. She realised it was going to take quite a bit of effort, so about half way through she decided to do something else for a while. That was when the problem started. She didn’t put the stopper in the hole. She sort of thought that leaving the pump in the hole might be enough. It wasn’t. Slowly the ball deflated itself again, leaving our Mistress to have to begin again from the beginning.  

Ari not wanting to be left out

Step two

Anyway, yesterday was step one, blowing up the ball. Today they are thinking of moving on to step two and actually using it. I shall be watching them but not actually taking part. I get over excited too easily these days and am better just to stay calm. I don’t know why I worry – Wilma is permanently over-excited and she gets away with it.

Have a good Tuesday