Day care – Thursday 11th July 2019

Day care

Today we’re all off to day care. Well, when I say ‘all’, that’s just the dogs of the house you understand. Our Mistress is going to visit Grandpa so we need to be looked after. I’d quite like to go with her, but I’m getting increasingly confused. I think I’d probably be ok on the journey and I might cope when we got there, but if we had to stop on route it could get difficult. At least at the kennels I feel safe and happy. Wilma positively loves the chance to play with other dogs, so she’s not too worried as it’s only a day. Much longer than that and both she and our Mistress get the jitters without each other. Shadow tends to just put on her indignant face and gives our Mistress ‘the look’. I have to say that no one does indignant quite like Shadow. You only have to ask her to be in the other room for five minutes and she adopts ‘the look’.

Bigger ball

Aristotle’s new bigger exercise ball has arrived. The problem now is that, like the first one, it needs blowing up. Of course, being a bigger ball it’s going to take even more blowing up than the first ball. He has even offered to try blowing it up himself as he’s so excited about continuing his training for Treibball. Our Mistress has concluded that he learns even faster than Wilma and that’s saying something. I’m guessing the two of them will get a bit competitive between them which will probably help. Now they need our Mistress to buy them a goal as well, so they’ve got somewhere to move the balls into.


If you’ve followed this blog for a long time, you’ll already be aware of the annual counting of the rose blooms. This year, our Mistress has put in some extra rose bushes so I asked if she was going to be counting those as well. She looked at me as though I was stupid. She pointed out that if she increased the number of bushes she counted then it wouldn’t be comparable. Duh! I’d worked that out, but as the whole thing is pointless, then I didn’t think it mattered. Anyway, it’s just one area of roses that will be counted to see if they can beat the previous record. I’m just going to leave her to it!

Have a good Thursday