Outdoor Day – Sunday 14th July 2019

Outdoor Day

Today is an outdoor day. We have convinced our Mistress that at all available times she will not be indoors – well, not completely anyway. She has asked for permission to spend some time in the summerhouse working and we’re ok with that. She wants Alfie to have some time outdoors with her as a priority. He won’t stay out if she’s not there and can get a bit distressed. Yesterday he wasn’t at his best and kept falling asleep in the doorway to the kitchen. It wouldn’t be so bad but then he didn’t get up when any of us needed to go in, so we spent all day climbing over him. He was 13 years and eight months old yesterday, so he probably found that thought a bit exhausting.

Thunder flies

The only fly in the ointment, if you’ll pardon the pun, is that there seem to be thunder flies everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. They seem to want to crawl through our fur and our Mistress’s hair and it really isn’t much fun. She keeps swatting them but we can’t do that. It’s most annoying. Where have they all suddenly appeared from? One minute they weren’t here and the next minute they were. I’m rather hoping they might not be here again soon.

Downside of Alexa

Now yesterday there was a small problem with Alexa. Oh it worked ok, but the problem was that our Mistress has a video call with our Master for a while. It was hot where he was so the windows were open and in the background there were children playing. Normally if I hear children outside I see it as my duty to let them know I’m around. I jump up on a chair and look out of the window or go out to say ‘hi’. Well, I looked and looked and I just couldn’t see them anywhere and it was really annoying. Our Mistress tried explaining they were actually 800 miles away, but it didn’t help. I barked every time I heard them and went on the alert.

Have a great Sunday


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