Nieces and Nephews – Monday 15th July 2019

Nieces and Nephews

I’ve got some more nieces and nephews. Actually, I’ve got so many now that I’ve actually lost count, but that doesn’t make it any the less exciting. I heard from Mama over the weekend that my sister Valeria has had a small litter of just three puppies. She’s probably quite pleased to have fewer to look after this time and will hopefully be able to enjoy every minute of having them around. I do hope I can get to see them in a couple of weeks.

When I was showing Mum the pictures, she said she really liked the name of the little girl, Holly Golightly, and wishes she could come to live with us. It did seem like a nice idea even though it’s not possible at the moment.

Lovely Day

We did have a lovely day yesterday. It started raining in the morning and for a short while I didn’t think we were going to get our outdoor day after all. Thankfully Mum wasn’t deterred and the weather did improve. She and Aristotle had to clear out a blocked drainpipe before she was ready to sit down in the summerhouse. I was ready with the camera while they worked on the drainpipe as there was a famous incident where it all came out in a rush and covered Mum from head to foot. I’m sorry, that didn’t happen this time, so there’s no photo to show you.

Mum says she really enjoyed working outdoors so we’re hoping to do it some more this week. It’s not as hot out here as in the house.

This is me working outside

Getting Excited

I’m getting so excited about holiday. Dad will come back on Wednesday this week and then I shall see him for a whole couple of weeks. Mum says it will be hard to have to leave Alfie for a few days, but he says he will be fine until we get back. He’s sleeping more and says he can do that almost anywhere.

Have a really great Monday



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