All change – Tuesday 16th July 2019

All change

Well it’s all change again. This whole stairs thing is getting annoying. I don’t often go in a crate, but just once in a while I do. My crate is up in our Mistress’s office. It’s only five or six stairs up. It’s one less than coming in from the back door and you’d think that would make it ok. It isn’t. The back door has wider steps and I can take a bit of a run up at them to get some momentum going. The ones to the office don’t give me that opportunity on the way up and I tend to beach at about the half way mark. Anyway, we’ve working out a solution.

In the Kitchen

My big bed moved down from upstairs and is behind the dining table in the kitchen. As it turns out, Shadow keeps pinching that. Then our Mistress put a second bed in for me in the doorway to the dining room. Thankfully no one really goes in there, so I don’t get trodden on very often. The fridge is one side and the cooker the other and it gives a nice little alcove that feels all very secure. What we’re going to do is put my crate where my main bed was and simply tell Shadow she needs to go in her own bed. Then I can have my crate where my big bed was. I’ve still got to negotiate the big bed being where I want it as it would be a bit in the way, so I may have to make do with my old one, but that’s ok.

Now for the fun bit

The real challenge is that my crate is under our Mistress’s desk. To get it out, our Mistress will need to take everything off her desk to lift it out. That would be so much easier if she kept her desk tidy, but she has an ‘organised chaos’ sort of approach. It works for her, but is a bit inconvenient at times like this!

This getting old lark is a bit of a challenge.


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