Humans – Wednesday 17th July 2019


Humans, why are they the way they are? Move my crate, she said and what happens? She has only gone and washed all my bedding. It has taken me ages to shed that much hair. Doesn’t she have any respect for the lengths I’ve been to. Then there were the biscuit crumbs. I was saving those for a rainy day. They did not need throwing out. Ok, they went soft a while ago, but my teeth aren’t what they were. It wasn’t a problem. Actually, it was even worse than her throwing them out, Aristotle was helping her move the crate and he ate them. He actually ate my biscuit crumbs. How would he like it if I were just to march into his room and eat the crumbs he’s saved? Mind you, I think he has problems on that front as Wilma generally gets to them first.


I had a lovely swim yesterday. It seems funny to think back to how scared I used to be. It is one of the highlights of my week now. I would never have thought that might happen. Shadow watched me swim and kept getting up onto the side to check I was ok. It was nice that she cared that much, but I was fine. I’d like to keep going as long as possible really. As long as I go at my own pace it seems to do more good than harm.

Chasing flies

It’s that time of year again when Aristotle and Shadow go into fly chasing mode. It’s never been my thing really, but they both seem to enjoy it. Shadow is fed up as when she was young she could get most of them and now a fair few get away. It’s funny with Aristotle as with him being able to stand on two legs he can reach much higher and just lazily snaffles them off the window. You would not believe how high the nose marks go in our house!

Have a good Wednesday


Wilma putting her paws up

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