It wasn’t me! – Monday 22nd July 2019

It wasn’t me!

Well it wasn’t me! I wasn’t the one who was stopped by the police. Mum and I were quietly minding our own business in the log cabin we’re staying in. Dad was out with some of the others when there was a small misunderstanding. They were trying to find somewhere which sold briquettes for the bar b q when some police offices asked them to pull over. We think the real confusion was that the nice police officers got confused because the steering wheel was on the wrong side. They wanted to see Dad’s driving licence but he wasn’t actually driving so it was all very confusing. Anyway, they all got back none the worse for their experience and I’m pleased to say they had found what they needed for the bar b q.

In the meantime

Mum and I had a nice walk around where we’re staying. It really is very pretty. We got stopped too, but that was only by someone who wanted directions. We weren’t much use to them, but at least Mum managed to apologise in German.

I found a load of cherries on the pavement. They’d fallen off a tree. I asked if we could stay there long enough for me to eat them all, but oddly, given I was sick the other night after doing something similar at home, Mum wasn’t so keen on the idea.

Today’s adventure

Now I’m looking forward to today’s adventure. I don’t know exactly what it’s going to be. I think Mum has in mind finding a forest walk for us while the boys go to find the helter skelter I was telling you about. I can’t really complain. I’m enjoying time with Mum. It is nice having her all to myself. I get a bit spoilt but that can’t be helped. We’re both still on a diet so we’re being good, but she has promised to take me to find an ice cream for my birthday later in the week.

Have a great day




  1. Hey Wilma. Have a great holiday. Where in Germany are you exactly? My masters family on his mothers side are German and he has spent quite a bit of time ther.

    Dexter x

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