Happy birthday to me – Thursday 25th July 2019

Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Wilma, happy birthday to me. It’s my birthday and I’m four years old today. Happy birthday to my brothers and sisters too. I do hope you all have a lovely day. It’s a good time to say thank you to Mama Susi for being such a wonderful mother to us when we were young. I shall see her in a few days and I can’t wait. Mum says I grow to look more like her every day and I think that’s nice.

My birthday present

I don’t know what we are planning to do for my birthday today, I’m rather hoping it might involve a forest walk followed by an ice cream but I’m not sure it’s my choice. I’m going shopping tomorrow so I can choose a present then. Apparently the boys want some new clothes and one of the lovely things here is that I am allowed in the shopping centre and can go in most of the shops. Mum said it was like that when they lived in Belgium. It is so much better than in England. I thing they are airconditioned too, which in this weather is a bonus.

Baden Baden

We drove to Baden Baden yesterday using the scenic road. Unfortunately before we even got there the route triggered Mum’s vertigo and she was a bit on the wobbly side. Then we couldn’t find anywhere to park for more than an hour as we’ve got a roof-box on the car. We did have a lovely walk in a park and then as it was so hot, I flopped down and just looked at the horses. They must have been very hot. I was finding it too hot and too busy, so Mum brought me back to where we were staying and left the others to spend time in a city. Fortunately the route back was different and much less windy so everything ended rather better than it might have done.

Have a great day




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