So much fun – Wednesday 31st July 2019

So much fun

I’m having so much fun. I just love being here. On Monday evening I took Mum and Dad out for ice cream. I did not have one! Ok, so I complained quite loudly and was made to wait in the car, but what do they expect? To be fair there was a lady who was scared of dogs, which is why I was put in the car. I don’t think my behaviour would make her any less scared and Mum told me to take a time out to reflect on what I was doing. I have and I’d just like to say I’ll probably bark next time too!

Seeing Mama

Then yesterday morning I went for a walk with Mama. My sister was too busy looking after the puppies which gave me time to play chase with Mama with no one to tell me off. I did most of the running, but it was lovely to run circles around Mama. I’d been to the vet first thing to have my passport stamped for coming home. I’m pleased to say I’ve lost 1.2kg so I was running around in celebration. Mum says she wants me to lose another 2 – 3kg yet so I guess I can’t get too excited. Oh who am I kidding? I always get excited.

Lakeside walk

After that I took Mum home and she did lots of boring work while I tried to work out why I couldn’t get through the glass door to chase next door’s cat. You can tell I’ve been away too long, one of their cats has taken to sitting on our fence and waving to me and the other sits right outside the window. The cheek of it.

Today’s plan

Today’s plan is really going to depend on the weather. Mum has said we can do a long walk if it’s cool enough and not raining. I’m not sure what we’re doing if it’s too warm or too wet yet. I know there is gardening to do, but that may have the same restrictions.

I’ll let you know.