Swimming – Tuesday 6th August 2019


Alfie and Shadow are off swimming this morning. I’ll be honest, I’d like to go. I don’t know which part of it I’d most like the actual swim or all the attention from our Mistress. I’m not an insecure dog, but when we’ve been apart for a while I do want more time with her than I can get. I want her to pay me attention and make me feel special. I’d love to have the role that Wilma has and go everywhere with her. I know it would be easier if my legs weren’t a problem and there wasn’t a risk of me growling at people I don’t like, but those things can’t be helped. I do have fun in kennels. I get to play without our Mistress constantly worrying that I won’t do my legs any good. She can fuss so about me. I want to make the most of being young while I still am.

Pull along car

I really really need a toy car. Not one of the very small ones, but a pull along type one that I can use to practice my pushing. Our Mistress wants to get us back to our Treibball training and I’m not ready to go straight on to the ball. I’d probably get it if I watched Wilma for a while, but I’ve missed the intermediate stage. Our Mistress said she should go and look in the charity shop for me, but I’d rather got my heart set on a new one. If I’m being strictly honest, I was missing out the words ‘toy’ and ‘pull along’ and focussing on ‘car’. Even the youngest human in the family is having driving lessons. It really must be my turn to have a go. I can’t see why a car couldn’t be adapted for me. I’ve got quite long legs and would have no problem sitting up and seeing over the steering wheel. What do you reckon? Should I have a go in our Mistress’s car and see how I get on first?

Have a great Tuesday


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