Visitors – Wednesday 7th August 2019


Yay, we’ve got visitors. Of course we all see that differently, but in my book two extra people in the house means four extra hands to stroke me and that in any dog’s book is good news. Alfie finds the disruption a bit confusing, but he’s known one of them all his life as he’s Mum’s nephew so that is all fine.

Alfie had a lovely time swimming yesterday. He said that when he’s in the water he doesn’t have to worry that his legs will give way and not support him, so he can relax a little. It’s a good job he floats. Having said that, Mum said in the water he seemed to me moving his legs much better, which will do him good.

Knowing the rules

One of the nice things about being home at the moment is that I get to sleep on Mum’s bed. I know if we are staying away that I’m not allowed to do that and don’t even try to climb on. It doesn’t take us long to work out that there are different rules in different situations. There is very little which is off limits when we’re at home. We pretty much are the ones in charge, but don’t tell Dad I said that. He might think Mum should be stricter with us. The day here is completely shaped around us. Well, when I say ‘us’ it’s mainly Alfie and Ari who are time driven. Shadow and I are a bit more flexible. Maybe it’s a boy thing. If Ari doesn’t go to bed on time he gets really stroppy. Alfie, it’s more about food. He especially likes his lunch on time and becomes quite agitated if it’s not. I guess it’s a good job we aren’t all the same.


Don’t tell Mum I’m saying this, but the homegrown vegetables are great. She has stupidly but the roof box back where I can use it to climb onto the vegetable troughs. I shall be taking full advantage of the carrots until she finds somewhere else to put it.

Have a great Wednesday



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