My buddy Elvis – Thursday 8th August 2019

My buddy Elvis

I’ve heard from my buddy Elvis. It takes a lot to get me excited these days, but it was so lovely to hear from him. It brought back memories of our puppyhoods spent in Belgium and the fun we used to have. My Mistress reminded me of the time he and I were playing chase around the lounge and going around the settee. I then fooled him by jumping clean over the settee from front to back. It is amazing to think these legs used to be capable of that.

Anyway, hang in there buddy. I still think about you lots. You were the best friend I’ve ever had and it’s a shame we both had to move so far apart. I used to have a special cry that I only gave when you passed our garden gate and I was desperate to come out and see you. Those were the days.

Vet visit

In the meantime, I went to the vet yesterday and have another infection by one of my teeth. I’ve got five days of antibiotics which will hopefully make eating a little more comfortable. On a brighter note I’m pleased to say that my Mistress and our vet have concluded that I no longer need to use the annoying slow-eating bowl. I eat slowly anyway now and don’t tend to bolt my food. The funny thing is that as Wilma was using my old bowl, she’s going to do a direct swap with me as she does need to slow down!

A worrying turn of events

I think our Mistress might need a serious talking to. You may not believe this, but she’s actually put her name down on the puppy waiting list. She says there are no plans to add to our numbers just yet, but she will want another member of the family eventually. I feel a little alarmed as she says it won’t be in my lifetime. Mind you, Shadow should she be more worried as our Mistress said the same thing to her too. Ah well, I just hope she’s happy to wait a long time as we’re planning to stick around for a time yet!

Have a great Thursday


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