Shadow and Cinders – Saturday 10th August 2019

Shadow and Cinders

Shadow and Cinders had a lovely time going for a walk yesterday. In the end I didn’t go. I thought I’d be included, but Mum left me behind. I was a bit disappointed, but then when Shadow said they’d had ice cream I was very disappointed! Mum said it was funny seeing Shadow checking to make sure that Cinders was being well looked after before they set off for their walk. I think Mum thought it especially funny as there can’t be a more spoilt dog than Cinders. She makes us look hard done to.

Bum Wiggle

While they were walking both Mum and Cinders’ human noticed that the two dogs have exactly the same wiggly bottom as each other. They were happily walking side by side. The only problem was that Shadow got very tired quite quickly. Partly because it was quite a warm muggy day but she also said her hip was hurting. Cinders would have liked to walk a lot further, so perhaps Mum should have taken me instead.

Ice Cream

You’d be amazed how much Shadow perked up when the possibility of ice-cream was mentioned. Mum was good and didn’t have one herself, but happily held Shadow’s so she could enjoy it. Cinders is even more of an ice cream fan than we are, although she’s often good and has dog ice cream rather than the vanilla human variety that we adore.

I suppose it was only fair that Shadow went really. I do get to see quite a bit of my own mother so I can understand why Cinders would want to see her. Shadow says she sees way too much of Aristotle and way too little of her other children. It must be hard when they all live so far apart.



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