Cases – Sunday 11th August 2019


What does a dog do when they see cases come out? Well, we’re all different even the four of us. Mum can’t get the cases out with Alfie around as he starts to get upset that she is going away without him. Which in fact she is. I, on the other paw, get excited as I automatically assume that I am going too. What I do not expect is to find that Mum is going somewhere without me. I do not expect to find she is going somewhere she cannot take a dog. I’m her beloved side-kick. Whatever is she thinking? She knows she’s useless without me there to take care of her. Who is going to cheer her up if she’s feeling sad? Who is going to give her confidence when she’s scared? They’re my jobs. I got a bit of an inkling that she wasn’t taking me when I saw the sorts of things she was packing.

No Dog Clothes

She hasn’t packed her dog clothes. Now, on the bright side, that does mean she isn’t planning to be unfaithful to us. She says it’s a writing thing, but I write. Alfie writes. Aristotle writes. Why does that mean we are left out? It doesn’t make sense. I did see her sneak her walking boots in, so maybe there are going to be walks without me. I will of course be able to smell exactly where she’s been when she comes home, so all is not lost. I will know a considerable amount of what she’s been up to. You can’t keep things from your dog!

Sharing with Ari

It’s actually worse than I thought. I’ve got to share a room with Aristotle while she’s away. I know we’ll fight. We always do. I don’t fancy the chances of the dog beds being in one piece when Mum gets back. Apparently, I knock Alfie over too easily so he’s better with Shadow. I pointed out that Shadow knocked him over the other day, but I was told that was a one off. I can’t win!



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