Dear Wilma – Tuesday 13th August 2019

Dear Wilma

Actually, it’s not so much ‘Dear Wilma’ as Mum hasn’t written to me, but why is it that she thinks I’m going to want to hear about the dogs of other people she is meeting? I don’t know those dogs. I’m never likely to meet those dogs. Why is she telling me about them? It’s a cuddle and a walk with her I want not a conversation, but that’s humans for you. They tell us to stop barking but then talk to us incessantly. It’s ok to be quiet. It’s ok to just have a sniff and enjoy each other’s company without having to fill every silence. I’m sure her friend’s whippet is cute, but that doesn’t mean I need to know that. When she started to tell me about a friend’s dog who has found quick ways to get treats out of their treat dispenser, obviously I was more interested as that was useful information.


Apparently, I’m booked in for a manicure this week. At least that’s something to pass the time and look forward to. I’m guessing it’s going to be one of those times when the expectations of dog and human differ. I’ll have my heart set on glitter and something pretty and Mum has probably arranged something entirely practical and disappointing for me. The alarming thing is that she’s warned the manicurist that I can be trouble and may be uncooperative. I really don’t know where she gets that idea from. Ok, so it can take three of them to hold me at the vet when it’s time for my kennel cough injection, but that’s them squirting something unpleasant up my nose – what do they expect? I’m rather hoping that having my nails done might be a bit more relaxing. It’s a shame Shadow and I couldn’t have had a whole spa day together while we were at it. I might need to work on Mum for that one.



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