Lazy Sunday – Sunday 18th August 2019

Lazy Sunday

Well it’s going to be a lazy Sunday. In my case, that’s instead of a lazy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday. What can I say, I’m a laid back sort of a guy. I was starting to feel a little less laid back about the number of my days of writing the diary that Wilma seemed to have taken over. I got our Mistress to have a word with her. Wilma has apologised and just said she gets excited and gets carried away!

New Seatbelts

When I went for my walk yesterday I tried out the new seatbelt in the car. Obviously, that wasn’t at the same time as walking, that would have been stupid. We went in the car first. When we sit in the car rather than the crate in the boot we had seatbelts that clipped into the normal seatbelt fastener. Our Mistress wasn’t happy with them as we could move about too far; that and the fact that Wilma had bent hers trying to pull to get out. Anyway, we’re now trying ones that attached to the headrests so clip at a higher level. I think they’re better and they don’t get in the way so much, but our Mistress is still convinced there must be a safer option out there.

Shadow in the garden

Shadow and Alfie were having a nice time in the sunshine in the garden yesterday. Alfie is going through quite a good spell. He seems a lot less wobbly than he was, still wobbly but less wobbly. Shadow is just full of bounce. I can’t think how she can be my birth mother. We’re so different. If I bounce like that when I’m her age I’ll think somebody has put something dodgy in my food! Oh don’t get me wrong, I do like seeing her happy but I can only think I take after my father!

Have a great Sunday


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