Helping Paw – Monday 19th August 2019

Helping Paw

I’ve been giving Mum a helping paw. She rather surprised me yesterday by deciding to wash and polish Alfie’s car. I was surprised as she usually manages to bribe one of the children to do it. Sadly, this time that failed. Anyway, I do find some of these human habits of cleaning things a little strange, but I went out to give moral support anyway. I couldn’t get too close when Mum was polishing it as every time I did I sneezed. She says I must be allergic to the polish, which thankfully got me out of having to help. I just did that thing of going round and pointing out the bits she’d missed. Talking to Mum about why she was doing it did make me realise I’ve got a couple more days in kennels before I can go with her to Switzerland. I was a bit upset about it to be honest, but she’s promised it’s not for long.

Getting excited

We’re all getting excited about Dad coming home tomorrow night. Well, to be fair, Alfie and Aristotle aren’t so fussed but Shadow and I can’t wait. We both go completely dotty over him when he’s here. Mum’s told me I need to let Shadow have more time with him as I will be with him again from early next week. I know she’s right, but I shall still want him all to myself.

Club Calendar

Mum has been putting together the results of the Entlebucher Club photo competition and turning the winning entries into next year’s calendar. It’s not fair as she won’t let me see how many votes all the photos got. She did tell me that sadly I won’t be in next year’s, which is a shame. I’ve told her we need to spend more time taking photos in really fun places so that I can put in some better entries next year. Apparently, it’s good that other dogs get the chance of having their photos up, but frankly I don’t see that. Perhaps I should get her to change some of the categories. If there was a ‘Best Wilma Dog’ category then I’d win as I’m the only one I know.

Have a great Monday



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