There he was, gone – Saturday 24th August 2019

There he was gone

One minute our Master was home and then next thing I knew, there he was, gone! Talk about flying visit but I think only seeing him for one day was just not enough for a dog. I miss him too. I’m not going out to Switzerland to see him. They need to think more carefully about the needs of those of us left behind. ‘Apparently’ going away for a couple of days on a car weekend with our Mistress is more important than spending time with his beloved dogs. I have a different view of things.

Me and our Master

What is worse

What is worse is that I am now sharing a room with Wilma for a few days. Now don’t get me wrong, I do love Wilma, but she is pining for our Mistress and she is driving me crazy. I miss our Mistress too, but I know she will come back for me. She always has before and there is no way she would abandon us, so in my book it means I can let my fur down and enjoy playing with the other dogs without any need to worry. Wilma on the other paw, while she loves playing with the others is so desperately in need of her time with our Mistress that she is climbing the walls.

Lots of cars

Ok to be fair there are an awful lot of cars and it does look quite exciting. Apparently it’s the most Fiat Barchettas which have ever been together in the UK. There are 64 cars there and they have come from all over Europe. Alfie is sad as our Mistress has always told him it’s his car and he hasn’t been able to go. I know she had already had the car for seven years before Alfie was born, but he grew up in it and loves it dearly. Maybe she’ll take him out when she gets home.

Have a great Saturday


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