The Adventure Begins – Sunday 25th August 2019

The Adventure Begins

And so the adventure begins. I have packed my little bag and will be leaving Aristotle in peace and quiet later so that Mum can get us ready to go to Switzerland. I just can’t wait. It’s not that I really mind her having fun without me, but I’d much rather she had fun with me. I know she misses me when I’m not there as she keeps saying things like, “Wilma, you would have liked the hotel.” I take a deep breath and gently suggest that maybe next time I could tag along so I could see for myself. Anyway, all that’s behind us and she’s picking me up in a while.

What’s in store?

We’re taking a couple of days over our trip this time so that it’s not too much of a tiring journey for Mum. It would be so useful if she and I could share the driving, but sadly it never seems to work like that. She shares with Dad, but when I start suggesting that I could help she starts telling me about human rules that mean I can’t. Where does it say that a dog cannot drive a car without a driving licence? That’s what I want to know. Nowhere in the legislation does it mention dogs. It makes clear that humans should have licences but I presume we aren’t mentioned as they just know we’ll be naturally good drivers and don’t need one. Mum doesn’t see it the same way.


Before we can go anywhere we have to do the packing. I do find that bit tedious. It takes me next to no time to get all my things ready, but Mum takes ages. Ok so she also has to sort my food and bedtime biscuits, but that’s not too much to ask. The one thing I do like about packing is it means moving about a lot and I’m good at that. Mum can be a bit of a whirlwind when she is focussed on a task so I just whirl along next to her and enjoy myself.

Lots of love


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