Perfect Day – Wednesday 4th September 2019

Perfect Day

Mama and Valeria

Yesterday was a simply perfect day. To begin with we went up to my mountain and I had a good run and bark with my family and friends. My sister, Valeria, was ready to bark as much as I was so we really did make quite a noise. It was funny as our barking was echoing back off the trees so it was as though there were more of us. We had a bit of an argument over a big stick. She will never let me get hold of a part of it. She insists that she holds one end and that Mama holds the other end and I’m not allowed in the middle. Mum said threes never work and one always gets left out. Why is it always me though? Falk and Megan were happy not getting involved with the stick and they probably did the right thing.

The grass was really wet from the rain yesterday and I have to say I did enjoy getting soaked through. Mum had to dry my harness again when we came home.


The cows were outside our window when we came back and their bells were making so much noise that I had to go into the other room to have a nap. You would think they could stay still at least some of the time. Mum says she loves the sound and finds it very soothing, but then, she wasn’t trying to sleep!

Mum did some work and then some housework and gardening. I just lay in a sunny spot snoozing after I’d had my main nap. The sky was blue, there was a gentle breeze and all was right with the world. There is no way either of us is going to want to go back to England at the end of the week. Perhaps we could just stay here.



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