All on my Own – Thursday 5th September 2019

All on my own

I had to go for a walk all on my own yesterday. Now don’t get me wrong, obviously Mum was there. I couldn’t very well leave her at home, not when I was going to her favourite place. Anyway, what I meant was that I didn’t have my doggy companions, which was a real shame and I missed them.

I’d been to the vet first thing to get my passport stamped for going back to the UK at the weekend. It was good to see them and check they were all ok, which they were. I had my weigh in and despite my attempts to keep two paws on the ground to make sure it came out ok, Mum wasn’t falling for that old trick. The good news was that I have lost 0.6kg since my last weigh in, a little over a month ago, and am now down to 24.2kg. Sadly Mum says she wants me to lose a little more so I’m not quite there yet.

Wilma’s Mountain

It was a sunny morning and Mum just couldn’t resist, so straight from the vet she didn’t stop at our house but went straight up the mountain with me. Mum said I could have a run, but there really wasn’t any point with no one to chase. I stayed near her to keep an eye on her instead. I don’t like to think of her being left to walk on her own. It was lovely and sunny again so we had a lovely time.

Seeing my family

Then in the evening we went over to see Mama, Valeria and the puppies. I do like this being an aunt thing. If I can’t have my own pups it’s the next best thing to see Valeria’s children. They are as lovely as ever and now big enough to play. They’ll all be going off to their homes soon so I won’t see them next time I’m here. I do hope they have happy lives looking after their designated humans.



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