Paws Crossed – Saturday 7th September 2019

Paws crossed

Well, I’ve got my paws crossed that everything goes ok on our drive home today. Yesterday as we headed up my mountain a warning light lit up on the car dashboard. Mum isn’t great about things like that and tends to over worry. I told her to be calm and we could stop at the side of the road for her to check how bad it might be. It turned out it was one to say our tyre pressure was low. She went up my mountain and then had a good look around the car and it didn’t look too bad so she worried just a little bit less and said we’d go for a walk and then try to sort it out.

Running with Mama and Valeria

I did have a good run with Mama and Valeria, although I think we all barked a little bit more than our humans thought was ok. It wasn’t such a nice day so the humans didn’t want to hang around waiting for us. Mama and Valeria found a big stick but I didn’t get to play with it as I had disobeyed Mum and continued eating manure and grass when I’d been told not to, so I’d been put back on the lead. You really can’t blame a girl for trying. I tried going back for the stick later, but Mum had it covered so that’s that for a while. I’ll remember where it was for the next time I’m here, so I hope none of the other dogs come and move it in the meantime.

Speaking German

Mum spoke to both Dad and our neighbour about the car and then set off for a garage in our village in the hope they could help. I decided to stay at home as Mum was going to have to speak German so it was all too traumatic for me to witness. She coped and said the men at the garage were lovely. They pumped the tyres up and said there didn’t seem to be anything more of a problem and then took a while to work out how to reset the warning light. They went for a drive round the village and the light stayed off so Mum came home. She took it out for a little drive later and it still seemed ok, so we’re now crossing our paws that it stays that way. Mum is going to put all our luggage in the car itself so that there’s less to move if we have to get to the spare tyre.

There’s just one small problem if we do need the spare tyre. It’s underneath my crate and my crate weighs about 25kg making it hard for Mum to get out of the car and put back on her own. I’m no good at helping, so even if she can work out how to change the tyre on her own she would still have to call for help. So my paws really are crossed!



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