Alfie’s Sleeping – Friday 13th September 2019

Alfie’s Sleeping

Shh – Alfie’s sleeping. Today he has another month birthday, which means it’s only two more months until he’ll be fourteen. He’s had a difficult week. Aristotle told you that Alfie had a panic attack at swimming on Tuesday, well he had an even bigger attack on Wednesday and took three hours to calm down. Mum had rung our lovely vet for advice before she actually managed to get Alfie to settle. They increased his medication, gave him some herbal calmer and put his thunder shirt on. It’s funny, Mum said she bought the thunder shirt ages ago and tried it for Alfie but it didn’t seem to help. This time it really seems to have helped him and Mum is really glad she already had one put by.

Anyway, since it all happened he’s been worn out and wanted to sleep all the time. He’s very quiet and subdued but at least he’s brighter than he was.


We are being usurped by ostriches. Three of them to be precise, but I’m pleased to say they are only in picture form. When they were away with Alfie’s little car, Mum and Dad went to an art exhibition and there was a picture of three ostriches that Mum fell in love with. They couldn’t buy it at the time as it wouldn’t fit in the car, but she kept thinking about it. Anyway, to cut a long story short, Mum got in touch with the artist and as the first one had sold, he has painted another one especially for her. It’s her birthday present from Dad and she is very excited about it.

When it arrives I’ll have to show you. It really is quite fun even if it is not of all of us. I know she’s already got one of me and I’m being silly, but a girl can get jealous now and again.

You can tell I’m out of my routine as I’ve forgotten to do Friday flashback. Oh well maybe we’ll do it a different day or just wait for next week.



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