Yo, Greetings, Bonjour – Monday 16th September 2019

Yo, Greetings, Bonjour

Yo, Greetings, Bonjour, Hallo, Hello, Morning, Guten Tag … I know them all. Why does that matter? Well, Mum realised that the only way she could have a phone call without Aristotle going bonkers was to avoid using the ‘H’ word. ‘Hello’ is quite enough for him to become instantly overexcited. When he’s around, Mum has found that if she answers the phone with something other than ‘hello’ he will happily stay snoozing and not want to join in. I’m not that dumb. Actually, what Mum said is that I’m just over excitable when I hear the sound of her voice, but I’m taking it that she really meant to say I’m not that dumb. Why would she want to be on the phone to other people when she could be talking to me? She does talk to me quite a lot, but there’s always room for improvement.

Fun Day

This week is an exciting week. Firstly, I’m looking forward to Dad coming home on Thursday. I know it’s not that long since I saw him, but it’s still too long. Then on Saturday we’ve got our Entlebucher Fun Day and I’m going. I’m having to not say too much as Shadow is fed up that she is being left out. I do see her point, but she can’t run about as much and we’re staying in a hotel and she can be a bit of a liability if she decides to have a bark. I just can’t wait to see family and friends who will be there. My niece Sybil is going to tell me all about my great-nieces and nephews. They will have all gone off to their new homes by then, so a good run should help cheer her up.

Alfie has asked me to send his love to Bella too. She’s had a hard time recently and ended up having an operation to remove an eye. She feels so much better now. It makes her wonder why she was so worried about the operation.

Have a great Monday



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