Friday Flashback – Friday September 20th 2019

Friday flashback

How could I start Friday flashback the day after Aristotle’s birthday and not think of doing a ‘then and now’ comparison. This is what Alfie wrote on the evening of 20th September 2011

Aristotle gaining weight

We aren’t supposed to be weighing them again until midday tomorrow, but as we had to clean out the box and take Shadow to stretch her legs it seemed like a good opportunity. I am so excited, they have all had a good afternoon, but little Aristotle has put on 26g. He is now 322g. He’s still by far the smallest, but it is wonderful news.

I didn’t bring you what he had written earlier that day as it was really sad. The puppy that Mum named after Shadow’s real name, Aisha, didn’t make it. I asked Mum about it and she said she can still remember it all very clearly. She sat up through the night trying everything to save her, but sadly it was not to be. I guess having puppies can be hard. Shadow made clear she didn’t want to talk about it, so I didn’t push her.

Then I found this in 2013

The Dog Father

That’s what it says on the bowl that Ari chose in the pet shop yesterday – ‘The Dog Father’. I think he’s got ideas above his station. He’s definitely the youngest of our pack and from my observation in no position to be a father either now or any time in the future. He wanted to have the tub of pigs ears instead and wouldn’t really look at the things he was supposed to be looking at. He did persuade our Mistress to buy a bag of bacon strips for us all to share so we did quite well out of his birthday too.

Aristotle’s official 2019 birthday photo

His actual birthday this year was a lovely day. We all had nice sunny walks and spent loads of time outdoors. Ari loves pottering around the garden and he did that for hours. It’s not a bad life being a dog around here.

Have a great Friday



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