To Swim or Not – Tuesday 24th September 2019

To Swim or Not

I’m deciding whether to swim or not today. Ari is trying to persuade me not to as then he can go, but I like my swimming lessons and they get me out of the house, so I’m not sure. The problem is that I’ve got a bit of a problem with my front legs. Don’t ask me what I’ve done. The vet was a bit confused about it as well. I’m walking with them at a rather funny angle at the moment and on the edge of my paws instead of normally. That and splaying my toes it is making me look very peculiar. The only way I can explain it is that they don’t seem to be working right. The vet asked if I’d overdone it last weekend and hurt my elbows, but I’m not really aware of having done. I got some antibiotics for my teeth while I was there and she has taken some fluid out of the lump on my back to send off for analysis. When she’d finished and I’d had a biscuit I waddled out again and struggled up the ramp into the car. I got a biscuit and a big cuddle from our Mistress, so the whole process wasn’t too bad.

Missing our Master

We’re all missing our Master at the moment. It was nice to see him very briefly on Thursday night and Friday morning, but I really would have liked more time with him. It will be another five weeks or so until I see him again and at my age that feels like a very long time. Our Mistress says it doesn’t feel good to her either, but she will at least see him before I do. It’s such a shame I’m not really up to travelling. I would like to go out to see him in Switzerland. At least it’s somewhere I’ve been so I can picture him there. Ari is the only one who hasn’t been near the place where our Master lives. He says he’d really quite like to go, but it’s more complicated for him than for the girls as he doesn’t have an up to day rabies vaccination. Perhaps he should get on to that and sort it out.

Have a lovely Tuesday