Front Garden – Thursday 26th September 2019

Front garden

The grass in the front garden is not looking quite as good as it did and it’s all my fault. Until now the grass by the front door was definitely green. However, as I don’t do stairs anymore, I now go out through the front door to go to the garden. I’m at that difficult age where I need to pee more often and once I see the grass by the front door the urge can become overwhelming. Anyway, our little patch of green grass is now green with yellow patches and our Mistress doesn’t think it looks nearly so nice. I did point out that there are more weeds than grass and I was just trying to kill a few off, but she didn’t think that was a helpful comment.

Another problem

Another problem with the whole ‘go out of the front door and round the side of the house’ thing is that I’m getting very wet regularly. It keeps raining and I don’t walk as fast as I used to. That and the fact I get confused easily so sometimes go the wrong way and there we are out in the pouring rain. Our Mistress is even less appreciative first thing in a morning when she is still in her pyjamas but I have suggested she might be better to get dressed before she comes downstairs.

It’s getting worse too as there is no light round the side of the house and we’re having go round in the dark more. If our Mistress trips over me one more time I really am going to have something to say about it.

Panic Attacks

To be honest, I’d rather focus on the grass problems than the fact my panic attacks are happening more often. I never thought my thunder shirt would become such a good friend, but oh boy am I glad of it when I get in that state. To be fair, our Mistress cuddles me too, and there really is nothing like being wrapped tightly and feeling secure until everything returns to normal.


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  1. Hey Alfie. I’m younger than you but I have an angle on peeing too. When my human lets me out first thing in the morning he has to walk me around to the gravel at the front and wait while I do it. If he just opens the door for me, then while the border terror Reggie goes down the garden, I just stand and pee on the step. It drives my human nuts. The good news is that I’m a bit calmer now so I can get on their settee in the evening for a cuddle and a pre-sleep snooze! Have a great day, Dexter

    • Well done on the settee progress. You’ll have them trained in no time, young pup.
      I’ll let you into a secret, when I was small, I claimed I couldn’t tell the difference between the mat by the front door (in the house) and the grass. Oh there were many times I got into trouble for that one, but what do they expect when it’s raining.
      Have a great day

  2. Hi Alfie, I love my thundershirt too. I wear it at the Vets if they are going to do any procedures and I find I can cope. Also, if new people come to visit the house. Once I have given them a close inspection and they have passed my rigorous safety checks I am OK.I am sad because we were going on holiday tomorrow but because of my operation we have had to cancel it. I had saved my pocket money and bought a new bag to take all my things and my Mum had treated me to a new smart collar. My leg is getting better slowly but I have to do a lot of resting when I would rather be out walking and seeing all my friends. Look after yourself. Lots of love Dickens XXXX

    • Oh Dickens that’s rotten having to miss your holiday. You must be so disappointed. I hope that leg is improving and that you’ll be fighting fit again soon.
      Take care
      Love Alfie

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