Being spoiled – Sunday 29th September 2019

Being Spoiled

Alfie is being spoiled by our Mistress. I don’t really begrudge him any of it, although I do envy him the steak. Our Mistress did give me a tiny bit of her steak, but Alfie had one all to himself. He did appreciate it which was the main thing. Our Mistress is spending quite a lot of time with him at the moment. Partly she is really sorry that she’s going away without him this week, but he’s being stoic and says he’ll be fine. Shadow has promised to look after him.

To be honest, we’re all a bit down. We heard that one of Alfie’s sisters had died earlier this month too and then Wilma heard that her Mama has had to have an operation to remove a tumour too. Wilma says she can’t wait to see her Mama when she gets to Switzerland and tell her how much she loves her. These things make you think. I might even be a bit nicer to Shadow now I come to think about it.

New Bowl

When Wilma’s new bowl arrived our Mistress was a little bit unsure of what Wilma was going to make of it. She thought it might look a bit small for Wilma to use. She really didn’t need to worry at all. Wilma loves it and it works very well at making her eat in a more ladylike fashion. I’m a slow eater anyway, but it did make me wonder if I could have one in a different colour. Shadow has her snuffle mat for the times our Mistress wants to make her time over a meal. I just have my ordinary bowl. I should have asked for that for my birthday instead of a squeaky toy.

Well the weather forecast is really bad again, so I’m going to find somewhere warm to snuggle down for the day and not exert too much energy.

Have a lovely Sunday


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