Happy Dog – Saturday 5th October 2019

Happy Dog

It’s so easy to be a happy dog when I’m here, so many good things happen. Obviously, my day started with being able to go around to Dad’s side of the bed and say good morning to him. I just love being able to do that. Then I get in and have a proper cuddle. Once we’ve had breakfast and Mum has done a little work we go for a walk and yesterday, as so often when I’m here, that means seeing family and friends. It was lovely to see Falk and hear him saying he’s feeling much better. We’ve been worrying about him. He’s such a beautiful old man and is the father of Shadow’s ‘C’ litter, so I must tell her how he is. His housemate Megan was there, which was nice too, although she always makes clear who is boss when she first sees me.


Mama has recovered from her operation. It was so good to see her and have a run with her. My sister Valeria hates me playing with Mama and barks at us so much. Anyway, this time it was me that found the stick to play with. Unfortunately Mum gets really funny about me running around with sticks and made me put it down again. Mum did get excited about seeing the snow on the tops of the higher mountains in the distance. She was a bit less excited about the actual rain coming down on us, but as I pointed out that snow has to come from somewhere!


We did the boring supermarket bits and Mum did some work then we went over to Mama’s house and met up with one of Valeria’s sons, Gromit. He’s very handsome and very like his mother. He and Valeria played non-stop, so I went and found a cow hoof to chew on. Oddly, Mum made me leave that behind too. She can be such a killjoy.

Today, I’m going to the breeding test here and I’m really hoping I’m going to see my Papa, so I’m excited.



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