What a day! – Monday 7th October 2019

What a day

Oh what a day it was yesterday. I’d like every day to be like that. We set off from our house at about ten in the morning to walk up to my mountain. It’s only about 3.5km the way we went up and was a lovely walk past the cows and then up through the woods. I said hello to a couple of dogs I know, across a field or two – we do have loud voices! It rained a little bit at the start, but it was more that we were in a bit of the cloud than it really raining. I didn’t have to carry anything, which I appreciated, so I could have a good sniff along the way and a drink from the odd stream or two.

Bar B Q

Mum and Dad were both carrying packs with food and things for our bar b q. We met up with my friend Ruff and his family at the car park at the top and then went over the road to go the last but up the hill to my mountain and the bar b q spot. Oh did we run. Sadly we lost the ball pretty early in the escapade so Ruff had to make do with chasing me. It suited me perfectly as I do find balls can be a distraction from the real game of chase. We saw some other dogs and I said hello very politely. Mum said she was proud of me for being so well behaved. I ran so much. It was just great. Then we all had a bar b q. It didn’t rain and was huge fun. Ruff and I supervised.

Afterwards we said goodbye to Ruff and then walked back down the other side of the hill through the woods and home. Mum and I had a little sleep then, which was nice and I was quite ready for.

Plans for Today

Dad is off work again today, so we’re going out somewhere. We’re waiting to see what the weather forecast is first as one of the plans is to have a quiet day up another mountain, but that only works if we can see anything from the top. It’s going to be fun, whatever we end up doing. I just love days when I can go out with Mum and Dad. It’s just a shame I shan’t see any of my dog friends today. I shall see them the rest of the week though, so it’s not too bad.



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