How much rain? – Thursday 10th October 2019

How much rain?

How much rain can fall in one day? Yesterday was a very wet day. Part of the problem was that we were at cloud level so we were sitting in water most of the time, but the rest of the problem was definitely that the water kept falling out of the sky. There aren’t many days that I put my paw down and say I don’t actually want to go for a walk, but yesterday was one of those days. Mum took me out to the toilet and I tried to walk straight back into the house. She wasn’t having any of it and was prepared to stay outside until I came to my senses. I can cross my legs for a very long time if I need to.

Coffee and Cake

Mum spent much of the morning working and I just watched the rain. Then we went to meet my friend Ruff’s humans. I was hoping for a game of chase with Ruff but it was still raining really heavily, so I had to be a good girl while Mum had coffee and cake, well ice cream anyway. She bought the cake for later.

I was starting to think that all was lost on the walking front, but on the way home as we came over my mountain the rain reduced to a more gentle level and Mum asked if I’d like to stop. You bet I did. I didn’t need asking twice about that one, partly because I’d got past the point of wanting to cross my legs.

My mountain

Anyway, we got out and for a short while the rain actually stopped. It gave me long enough to have a really good run and work off some of my frustration, before going home for tea. Any day when we get to go to my mountain is a good day, so I was happy in the end. Mum didn’t take any pictures though, partly because she left her gloves in the car so needed to put her hands in her pockets to keep them warm!