Not so bad – Sunday 20th October 2019

Not so bad

Well as it turned out my Saturday was not so bad. Ok, so I really really mind Mum leaving me out, but on the bright side I got to play with other dogs and that’s something I miss when we are here in England. I don’t want you to feel sorry for me, but apart from my housemates I don’t have many friends locally. I do have friends but they live in other places so I don’t see them so often. I used to like seeing Jass but she moved to France and then there was my friend at ringcraft, but Mum stopped taking me there when we realised I had a limited show career. I must get Mum to take me out with other dogs more often, either that or arrange playdates with my friends.

Book Launch

Mum’s book launch went well. I had to pretend to be interested when she told me about it, but, honestly, with being left it, I didn’t really want to know. She said everyone seemed to have a good time and my grandparents were there, which was very important to her. I was even more fed up that she’d had a weekend with Dad and I didn’t get to see him. I tried sulking with her, but that’s more a cat thing than a dog thing and we really aren’t very good at sulking. Actually, I say that, but Shadow has a bit of a knack in that department.

The week ahead

I really mustn’t grumble as the week ahead is quite exciting. It’s our Club’s breeding test on Saturday. My niece Izzy is amongst those going through her tests and I will be cheering her on. She’s one of my sister Tosca’s daughters. One of Alfie’s girlfriend’s daughters is going through her tests too, so I shall cheer her on too and one of her sons too. If he’s having a good day, Alfie might cheer as well.



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