Good Boy – Tuesday 22nd October 2019

Good Boy

Woohoo – I’m a good boy, I’m just a bit quieter about it. I decided as I’m now eight year’s old and my legs are a bit of an issue that it would be better if I was a slimline Aristotle without an ounce of spare weight. Now, to be fair I’ve never really been overweight and even at my heaviest I carried it well. When I was younger I was 29kg but I think I had a bit more muscle in those days. I was reasonably content at 27kg in more recent times, but I knew it was going to get harder so I decided to drop down a little. Unlike the girls of the household I didn’t make a song and dance about it. I simply had a treat or two less and made myself move about a little more. Well, yesterday I went for my annual vaccinations and so climbed up onto the scales. This year, I didn’t need to hold my tummy in. I weighed in at just 25.2kg. I was rather proud of that and just grinned at our Mistress who is too busy eating chocolates to finish losing the weight she wants to get rid of.


I don’t mean to alarm you, but fire season has started. Not the bad, out of control sorts of fires. The lovely wood-burner, cosy in the office sorts of fires. The chimney has been swept and our Mistress says that it is far better than putting the whole house’s heating on so we are having log fires. I feel a bit guilty as Wilma and I benefit most as we spend our time in the office near the burner. Our Mistress has promised to make sure the kitchen stays warm enough for the others, but it’s a shame Alfie can’t climb the stairs to join us. I think he might like it. Wilma on the other paw is definitely going to burn her nose before too long. She has been warned, but she’s still at that age where she won’t be told. I’ll be ready with the burn cream!

Have a great Tuesday


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