Friday Flashback – Friday 25th October 2019

Friday Flashback

I’ve pushed Ari out of the way so I can bring Friday Flashback to you. He’s quite a determined dog when he sets his mind to things and had decided that I’d been writing far too much of ‘his’ blog. He seems to be overlooking the fact that we both only look after it for Alfie. I did ask Alfie if he wanted to write something as he’s had a good couple of days, but he is saving his energy for his photo shoot on Sunday.

Me taking advantage of Dad’s side of the bed

In 2010 Alfie was thinking about pension rights for dogs

Going on Strike

I’m still thinking about pensions and retirement and wondered whether it would be any use dogs going on strike to get what we want. If it’s good enough for the French then perhaps we should try it. I was wondering what difference it would make if we did go on strike. Could we actually bring a country to its knees? Obviously guide dogs and other assistance dogs would be like the emergency services and would still have to work. The same would be true of sniffer dogs looking for explosives. However, sheepdogs, hunting dogs, dogs used in animal testing and cart-dogs could all go on strike without causing any serious issue. I’m not sure if pets could withdraw their therapy services from the family for a period of time or whether that comes under the same category as emergency services!

The most effective might be the hunting dogs as they are more likely to directly affect the ruling classes, particularly seeing as we have a largely conservative government. Is it actually possible that we are in a position to demand change with menaces? I wonder whether there is any legislation affecting dogs striking and if there were sudden random protests would they still be described as wild-cat strikes?

This from 2015 has reminded me that it must be clock changing time and the whole saga is about to begin again.

Changing the Clocks to KCT

The clocks changed last night and we are now officially on Kitchen Clock Time in our house as it was the ones in the kitchen that we all agreed were now on the right time. Clearly they missed the fact that the telephone in the kitchen and the weather stations (yes there really are two!) are both still on British Summer Time and clearly in a different time zone than the rest of the kitchen. The theory did go slightly wrong as the one on the cooker that our Mistress was changing she changed in the wrong direction, so for a few hours the two sides of the kitchen were two hours apart. Anyway that immediate problem has been resolved and we are now all officially on KCT. We’ll join the rest of the country on Greenwich Mean Time when our Mistress has been round and changed all the rogue clocks outside the kitchen zone. In some instances that will involve buying new batteries so it could be a while.

Well, I should probably go and do something useful. Have a great Friday