Not My Turn – Tuesday 29th October 2019

Not My Turn

Well apparently, it’s not my turn. When our Mistress said it was swimming day I naturally packed my little towel so I’d be ready to go. I’m sure I remember our Mistress saying that when Alfie stopped going swimming I would be able to go more often. I know I went last week and that was the first time in ages, which technically would qualify as the ‘more often’ but I was quite prepared for a regular outing. Unfortunately, Shadow’s need is greater than mine right now, which is not how I saw it at all. Her arthritis in her hip is playing up and she thinks swimming will help. I can’t even go to watch as our Mistress is planning to take Alfie just for the outing as he is happy to go there. I have been reassured that I can go next week as then our Mistress will need to weigh me to see if I’ve actually put any weight on or not. I’m not sure if I’ll be swimming or just a spectator.

Sunny walk

This clock change thing is really confusing. Our meals are all at the wrong times and we’re getting pretty annoyed about that. Then our Mistress only went and made me go out for an ‘early’ walk yesterday. She was trying to explain that with the shorter days she has to change things around. Oh don’t ask for my opinion on the subject will you? I rather liked the late morning or early afternoon slot when things have warmed up a bit. I can tell you going out when it was still only one degree was a bit of a shock to the system and that was with the sun out. Why is it that we all go bonkers for snow but I’m not keen on cold weather without the snow? It doesn’t really make sense.

On the bright side, I think I’m getting the lunchtime slot today as Shadow is swimming so it might at least be a bit warmer.

Have a great Tuesday


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