Ballenberg Flashback – Friday 1st November 2019

Ballenberg Flashback

It’s Flashback again and I’m delving into the archives to our younger days for a Ballenberg Flashback . I’m going backwards for a change. Last year I wrote about my visit to the lovely Ballenberg museum in Switzerland. You really have to go there. This is what I wrote


Wilma outside one of the old buildings at Ballenberg in Switzerland as she provides a flashback to her trip last year.

Yesterday we went to a wonderful museum called Ballenberg. It has lots of old buildings from all over Switzerland. The best bit for me was that it covers a very big area and I got to do lots and lots of walking. I didn’t get to go into the buildings, although some of the humans did. There were so many things to see and do. The best bits for me were wanting to chase the chickens. Some of them were huge. I tried to go and say hello to a pig but I didn’t know there was an electric fence in the way and I got a shock on my nose.

This one from 2014 really made me smile. I can just imagine poor Alfie not knowing how to cope with a hormonal Shadow!

Hormonal dogs

Shadow is a bag of hormones again. She always gets like this when she is approaching her season. She wants to play. Not just a little bit, no, that I could put up with. She wants to play ALL the time! She’s nearly six for goodness sake. That makes her about 40 in human terms. She should not want to play all the time. Mind you, Aristotle isn’t much better. He’s now about 21 in human terms and has reached adulthood, but clearly that is news to him. The two of them can roll over and over without any thought for who or what is around them.

My Mistress was discussing whether Shadow will be spayed after her final litter and I asked if I could have a vote on the subject as I would definitely be part of the ‘Yes’ campaign. Anything to make things more settled in the household. Unfortunately it does not seem to be my decision and my Mistress says she and Shadow will discuss it with our vet after the next litter and the decision will totally be based on what is in the best interests of Shadow’s health. I’m off to do some research on the internet and print out any articles I find that show that spaying will be the best thing for her health wise!

Well I really must go and cause trouble elsewhere.

Have a great Friday

Love Wilma

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